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How Content Marketing Can Help You Recruit Top Talent

In March 2015, employee recruiting difficulty for companies reached four-year highs for the 11th consecutive month.  And that’s for companies of all sizes in the United States, according to the Society for Human Resources Management. If you suffer the hiring blues and have not yet tried content marketing as a solution, now’s the time.

Content marketing can attract good employees just as it attracts good customers. Used as a recruiting tool, content marketing can help you fill jobs by meeting the needs of today’s workers who want to know about company culture and who search for content about prospective employers.

In a crunch to engage, recruit and retain top talent? Content marketing can attract good employees just as it attracts good customers, helping people make the decision to launch or continue their career paths with you and not your competition. Make sure your recruiting efforts are underpinned by a solid content marketing strategy.

Lyft, the ridesharing company in competition with Uber, is a great example of how content marketing can be put into action for hiring. When the company needed to recruit more drivers to expand its transportation network, it hypothesized that like attracts like (people who ride Lyft are fun, gregarious and interested in conversation; Lyft drivers are, too). So the company focused its hiring campaign – and its content – on converting riders to drivers.

The company already knew that its content marketing strategy works well to attract passengers. Lyft’s fun and personal content marketing style helped increase ridership from 40,000 rides in December 2012 to 2.2 million rides in December 2014. Banking on the success of that content to increase the number of riders, the company developed content specific to drivers. It published information from actual drivers who answered questions about what it is like to drive for Lyft. It also developed ad content for Google Display Network publisher and partner sites and YouTube.

The content marketing strategy paid off in identifying and resonating with the in-market audiences most likely to convert to drivers. Lyft reported 400 drivers in December 2012, 7,000 drivers in December 2013 and 51,000 drivers in December 2014.

So how can you leverage a content marketing strategy to recruit top talent? Try these tips:

  • Work with your human resources staff to identify the types of people your company needs the most, and make a list of how best to reach them. Would these prospects most likely read direct mail over email? Use an online employment website?
  • Establish a careers page or online hub for your company. Populate it with interesting stories from employees, infographics about company benefits and photos of employees on the job.
  • Update your company LinkedIn profile often with short videos of employees talking about why they really need another player on their respective teams.
  • Do you have some dream-team candidates you want to hire who already work elsewhere? Get the conversation going by sending them a personal letter from your president.

Content marketing can make a difference in all areas of your business. To learn how, contact CrucialContent at 267.687.0990 ext. 651

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