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If you have gone to the trouble of producing a video, make sure it works even harder for your brand. Video repurposing can enhance brand visibility by bringing all that footage to an even wider audience. Here’s how:

  1. Showcase it on your website: Video makes your website more engaging and increases brand visibility because it tends to keep visitors on your site longer. If your video is long enough, consider using appropriate snippets on your About page, product pages, or on your resource hub. If your video highlights a new product or service, use it on your homepage. Make sure you optimize any video you place on your website, so it doesn’t slow load time.
  2. Upload it to YouTube: Once your video is complete and it has had its debut, enhance its brand storytelling power by uploading it to your YouTube channel and add the title to your playlist. YouTube has the second-largest search engine, just behind Google. Your YouTube channel makes your brand more searchable and helps you reach new audiences.
  3. Recycle your intro/outro: Chances are your long-form video has a cool animated intro or outro featuring your logo and brand promise. Save those files so all future videos have the same polished start and finish. But don’t stop your video repurposing efforts there. Your video intro could bring some life to your website homepage, sales PowerPoints, and investor presentations.
  4. Channel sound bites into audiograms: You can capture specific sound bites from your video’s audio file and turn them into a visual that will be just perfect on social media. Combine that with a call to action and a link, and you can draw more people to a landing page or your website.
  5. Cut clips for social media: Every video you make will have several short clips that promote your mission, vision, and brand promise. Cut those 10 – 15 second clips and then optimize them for the social channels you manage. That means making sure the clips have the correct size, orientation, and length to meet the specs of each channel.
  6. Create a compilation: Once you have a handful of short clips, strategize how to use them as a compilation. Group clips by theme, and for each theme, create a story arc for the clips to follow. Map out the segues to tie one clip to the next.
  7. Create one or more blog posts: Use your video as inspiration for one or more blog posts. Use transcription software to save some time converting audio to text.

Why not make your videos work harder for your brand? If you’re ready to learn more about video repurposing across multiple platforms for enhanced brand visibility, reach out to CrucialContent.

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