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If you blog as part of your content marketing strategy, you know it’s often your first introduction to potential customers. Your blog can be a valuable tool to build a relationship with prospects and establish yourself as a trusted resource for timely, topical content.

Data Shows that 70% of consumers prefer to get to know a company via content, not advertising, but sometimes blogging can slip from helpful to hype. Is your blog turning prospects off by taking too many overt self-promotional detours?

Take a look at your most recent blog posts and then take this quick true/ false quiz to find out if your blog is an effective content marketing tool or too salesy.

  1.  My blog usually includes sales-speak like exceeds expectations, best-in-class, cutting-edge, limited-time, incredible. True or False?
  2. Fewer than half of my last 10 blog posts dealt with solving a problem or providing a solution to a need that my customers have. True or False?
  3. My blog posts include multiple mentions of my business, products, strategies or people. True or False?
  4. More than half of my last 10 posts promoted a coupon, ebook, product or service. True or False?
  5. I don’t link/share other sources of information within my blog. True or False?
  6. I don’t participate in the comments/respond to questions on the blog. True or False?
  7. Most of my blog posts don’t have a contact prompt for readers who want to connect. True or False?

How did you do?

If you answered “true” to five or more of the questions, you have some work to do in revising your blogging strategy to be less salesy. If you answered “true” to three or four questions, identify the most salesy posts from the past few months and rewrite them. If you have two or fewer true answers, congratulations! You’ve got content blogging down pat.

Want to rework your blog to generate traffic and establish your business as a trusted resource for valuable information?  We’d love to help.

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