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As a higher education marketer, you should be using social media to cultivate connections with alumni and industry leaders. One of the best social media platforms to connect with this audience is LinkedIn. Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn revolves around the professional backgrounds and interests of its users, and its sponsored content features make it easy for you to use this information to connect with them.

With sponsored content, LinkedIn makes it easy for your university to connect with alumni, thought leaders, and companies and strengthen their relationships with you.

What is LinkedIn Sponsored Content?

Sponsored Content consists of relevant, easily consumable information including blogs, videos, white papers, and podcasts that companies pay LinkedIn to distribute to highly targeted demographics. When you spot a post on your feed with the “Sponsored” label, you know that the organization paid LinkedIn to show you and users like you that post with the purpose of driving well-defined customer action.

From a higher ed marketer’s perspective, Sponsored Content is an important tool because its advanced targeting options let you reach users based on criteria such as job title, schools attended, current employer and other options.

Use Sponsored Content to Connect With Alumni.

Sponsored Content makes it easy to reach alumni because you can specify your institution when you set your targeting options, increasing the likelihood that former students will see your content. You can combine this benchmark with other criteria such as fields of study and years of experience to get your sponsored posts directly to the graduates who are most likely to respond positively to them. Posts about events, job openings, and alumni giving opportunities are more likely to make an impression and elicit a response when they are tailored for the very people they are intended to reach.        

Use Sponsored Content to Connect With Industry Partners.

LinkedIn isn’t just for reaching individuals – it’s also a crucial B2B advertising platform. Just as LinkedIn’s targeting options make it easier to connect with alumni, they also make it easier to connect with industry leaders and corporate decision makers who can help open doors to funding needed to develop new technology or perform groundbreaking research at your institution. Using targeting options like company, job title and company size, Sponsored Content can connect your institution with the right people quickly and efficiently.

With Sponsored Content, you can develop and maintain the connections your university needs to get all the recognition it deserves.


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