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By Amy Biemiller

Do you think about your marketing channels as separate ways to attract different audiences? You shouldn’t. Your audiences research and shop across channels. That’s why you need to make your channel marketing work in unison. But where do you start?

Take a look at your cross-channel marketing strategy with Facebook and Google. You can use each to help the other drive greater awareness and conversions.

Use Google to target people who are actively searching for keywords specific to your brand’s products or services. In this way, you’ll reach your audience with a relevant message at a specific point in their buyer journey. Then, use Facebook to narrow in on target audiences and deliver personalized messages.

Here are some additional ways that each channel can help the other achieve powerful marketing results:

Leverage the Power of Cross-Network Searchers

Your Facebook campaign is actually doing double duty. It’s great for converting a specific audience. But data show that while some Facebook users may not click on your ad, they do remember it. Then, they go to Google to learn more about your brand. To take advantage of this behavior, use your brand name as a keyword in your search campaigns and match the messaging in your Facebook ads.

Benefit From Search Query Data

People type what they are looking for into Google. That search query data can be a gold mine if you use it in your Facebook ad copy. Finding those queries is simple when you rely on the Google Ads Search Terms Report. You’ll see which search terms people used that resulted in your ad being shown and clicked.

Keep Your Look and Message Consistent

Keep your look and tone consistent in your ads on both platforms. People trust brands they recognize, and trust comes before a purchase decision. Make sure your look and message are the same on Facebook and Google.

Both Google and Facebook ads are strong platforms that can deliver maximum visibility when used in tandem. Don’t make them competitors in your marketing strategy. Need some help? Just reach out to the team at CrucialContent team.

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