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By the week of October 2, saving, investing and budgeting will be a top focus with news media. That’s when Financial Planning Month kicks off, which is a great opportunity for credit unions to market effectively to their members and the community.

Fewer than half of all Americans can pass a basic test on financial knowledge, according to the FINRA Investor Education Foundation. Credit unions can play a vital role in reversing this by raising awareness and promoting financial literacy- particularly during Financial Planning Month this October. The key is planning now for the right content to meet that need.

Here are four things to include in your content marketing for October:

Financial Goal Guides. Your members are hungry for the financial planning information that you can provide. Give them that guidance in branded, short guidebooks that can be downloaded online or given away as hard copies. Suggested topics include budgeting tools, tax planning, paying cash versus using credit smartly, building a college fund, savings goals, and debt consolidation and management.

Special Event Handouts. Nothing builds member loyalty more than one-to-one contact with your credit union. Use Financial Planning Month as an opening to offer free financial literacy or estate planning classes or seminars. Popular subjects include how to generate investment income, real estate basics, understanding 401(k) and 403(b) plans, and how to build a retirement fund. Make sure you have easy-to-read handouts to provide attendees.

Short Topic Visuals. If you want to increase millennial membership, offer information in the formats this demographic gravitates to and reach them through social media. Consider developing a series of infographics around managing student loan debt, responsible credit card use and smart investing strategy.

News Media Column. Enhance your credit union’s thought leadership by offering your local news outlets a column or opinion piece with your president’s byline. Newsworthy subjects include: Which is Better: Saving or Investing; How to Make Your Money Last; and How to Use Credit Cards Without Going into Debt.

Let us help you get the most out of Financial Planning Month. It’s sooner than you think! Contact us today for help developing original content that will set your brand apart.

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