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Will this be the year that you take your YouTube channel to the next level? You already know that video positively impacts ROI. But to make an impact and enhance your ROI, your videos need to mean something to your audience. Coming up with ideas for meaningful video content can be time consuming at best and frustrating at worst.

Time for some brain-storming shortcuts to help you fast-track your next video project and authentically connect with viewers.

Here are some guaranteed-to-inspire ideas. Pick one based on your business objectives, interject your brand voice and start your script!

  • Consult Community: Now’s the time to review all those notes you’ve taken while social listening to your customers and potential customers. What people say about your product or service – good and bad – can be great fodder for video ideas. By monitoring your social media channels for mentions about your brand, your competitors or your industry, you could uncover pain points that you can address through video.
  • Raise Awareness: Are you involved in your local community or a community organization? Use video to raise awareness about important issues, inspiring people to get involved or take action. Consider a script that shares a firsthand account or a story about change. This one we created for Bon Secours Health System illustrated the hospital’s commitment to encouraging a world where mammograms are available to all women.
  • Pull Back the Curtain: People are curious. That’s why behind-the-scenes videos work so well. Think about how you could craft a video that allows people to experience something they normally wouldn’t: a time-lapse of your booth going up at a trade show; a step-by-step look at how your product is made; an insider’s look at a day-in-the-life of one of your employees.
  • Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: Video is tailor-made to break down complex topics, simplify instructions or explain a solution to a problem. It’s also a great tool to use if the benefits of your product or service are not immediately obvious. When Amazon launched Amazon Go, it used video to help people understand the idea and how easy it is to use.
  • Tout the Transformation: Storytelling is easy with video, particularly if you want to explain how your product or service transforms a person, place or system. You can also tout how your product has been transformed, like in this video for the Apple iPhone.
  • Humanize Your Brand: Give people an inside look at your company and its culture. Produce videos that show your employees on the job. Film different employees answering questions about what they do and how the company solves problems for its clients, as PENSCO does in this video series. By including employees in videos, you’ll humanize your brand and create empathy – an important step in getting prospects to trust you.
  • Send a Video Holiday Greeting: Time to have some fun and help your clients and prospects see the humans behind your brand. Consider developing a holiday video message in place of the greeting card. Do a search for “corporate holiday message videos” for a wealth of ideas to start your creative process.

Every Video Must-Have

No matter what the subject matter of your video, always include a call to action. Tell viewers where to go to engage with more of your content. Ask them to fill out a form to get something more from you. Invite them to watch another video. Or guide viewers to your product pages. By including appropriate and direct CTAs in your videos, you can track engagement and video effectiveness.

Still stuck trying to come up with video ideas for your company? Contact us today for help developing original content that will set your brand apart.



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