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By Amy Biemiller


New capabilities for voice-activated virtual assistants may mean rethinking your content marketing strategy and email campaigns sooner rather than later.

In December, Amazon announced new Alexa capabilities, including the option to read and delete Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Live.com email. Alexa will read the sender name and subject line and ask if you want to hear the email message, delete it, reply to it or archive it. This new utility is expected to resonate with consumers who find wading through a full inbox time-consuming.

It’s also expected to disrupt content marketing strategy and the same-old, same-old way marketers develop email campaigns.

For content marketing strategists, new capabilities of virtual assistants will mean fine-tuning the approach to crafting emails designed to be opened. That’s because email recipients who use voice-activated virtual assistants won’t see text or images and will have less information to help them determine whether to read or delete your email.

With Alexa leading the way, it’s only a matter of a short time before other voice-activated virtual assistants offer the same help.

Email marketers now need to be even smarter about designing content marketing strategy that melds with new virtual assistant technology. Here are three great ways to start:

Take time crafting subject lines..

Your email subject line requires the same time and attention to detail the rest of your email campaign demands. Use research and data to guide you in crafting your subject lines and carefully craft the right audible tone for your messaging.

Embrace relevancy and simplicity.

Create a better email experience for your audiences by carefully crafting content specific to each persona. And create concise email content in conversational tones that are relevant to each recipient.

Ruthlessly clean your email list.

If a contact does not open an email from you three times in a row, that indicates no interest. Chances are, your emails are going directly into that person’s spam folder. Get those contacts off your email list.

And always remember this:

Remember that testing is key to improving email open rates. And it’s always imperative to deliver content that provides value to the reader.

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