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Effective healthcare marketing depends on creating and publishing the content your community is most interested in. And data indicate that hospital marketing departments often struggle to create a high volume of engaging content. Keeping an editorial calendar is key. So too is staying in touch with seasonal healthcare trends so that the subjects you add to next season’s editorial calendar are those most likely to be searched by your different audiences.

As you start planning and developing content for this spring, consider including these nine seasonal topics that are sure to generate interest and drive traffic. 

  1. Seasonal Allergies

Different types of pollen, fungus and mold that start appearing when the weather gets warmer and wetter can cause all kinds of allergic reactions that affect millions of people. Consider developing content authored by your asthma and allergy specialists about ways to prevent and treat these allergies.

  1. Spring Fitness

Too many of us don’t get enough exercise, especially in the winter. But as the weather starts getting warmer, more people think about getting active again. Develop some quick tips or infographics about sensible warm-up exercises to help prevent sprains, strains and low back pain.

  1. Common Cold

Most people associate colds with winter, but spring is a peak time for rhinovirus infections, which cause about half of all common colds. Yet many people confuse colds, allergies and asthma. Develop an at-a-glance chart to help consumers understand the difference and make good home-treatment decisions.

  1. Insect-borne Disease

Whether it’s ticks and Lyme disease, mosquitos and Zika virus, or bed bugs and lice, insects are in the news in the spring. Capitalize on the trend with content about how to avoid insect encounters and what to do if an encounter happens. 

  1. Colon Cancer

One of the deadliest forms of cancer is also one of the most preventable—and there’s no better time to remind people about the importance of preventive colon cancer screenings than March, which is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Does your hospital provide screenings? Spring is the time to get the word out.


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  1. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a nationwide ritual. Take advantage of this seasonal inclination and help people understand the importance of cleaning up their medicine cabinet, makeup drawer and other places that are magnets for mold, fungus, bacteria and allergens.

  1. Healthy Eating

While we’re in the spring cleaning mode, spring is also a great time to clean out refrigerators and clean up diets. Get your dietician involved in providing tips about healthy eating.

  1. Sports Injuries

Many sports start up in the spring, and with them come the risk of sports injuries. Make your community aware of the sports injury treatment services you offer, along with providing advice on at-home treatments and when to see a doctor.

  1. Skin Cancer

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so use it as an opportunity to talk about prevention and show people how to check for possible signs of skin cancer they should have looked at by a doctor.  

Build a More Effective Content Marketing Strategy

An effective content marketing strategy can help you accomplish more with your budget and deliver results, but it has a lot of moving parts. Creating an editorial calendar and developing paid advertising and social media strategies are just the first steps. You also need to be able to create engaging, informative and shareable content that includes just the right amount of brand messaging.


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