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Do you see your credit union’s About Us page as a dull requirement or an opportunity to convey your brand? Whichever it is, your readers probably see it that way too! That’s why it’s so important to make this page on your website a purposeful message that makes your credit union stand out.

Here are some tips that can make your credit union’s About Us page brand-ready and save it from “boring:”

  • Humanize your brand. Your About page should address the goals and values that are crucial to your brand. There are many ways to do this, but one great way is by telling a story. Take Arizona Federal Credit Union, for example. Its About Us page starts right off with a photo of hands piled in a group, then tells a brief story about how a handful of state employees got together and pooled their money. Each member had an average account balance of $5. Who can’t relate to that? If your credit union also has a good origin story — and a lot of credit unions do — the About page is a place to share it.
  • Be direct. Credit unions know one of the challenges in competing with banks is prospects may not know the definition of a credit union versus a bank. Leaders Credit Union addresses this in a tab under its About Us section. This clarifies the question for the reader upfront, so the prospect can spend more time viewing your content rather than being confused.
  • Go back in time. Credit union members are proud of their history — so showcase your roots with a visual, interactive timeline. Check out Michigan First Credit Union’s infographic for a timeline slider with brief copy.

When prospects are shopping for products or looking to switch financial institutions, the About Us page is an opportunitiy to communicate your brand. Take advantage of this touch point with a stellar message that enhances your brand, rather than tarnishes it.

  • Profile real members. Make it a point to schedule photo and video shoots of members to create testimonial content and use the photos as brand imagery. America’s Credit Union features a picture of a real member on its About page. Plus, the site highlights member testimonials, giving viewers relatable, engaging content. If you don’t have good original photos, then don’t include any. 
  • Don’t be afraid of visuals. Maybe a graphic format or infographic is the best way to share your story. Users obtain visual information more easily, and it’s an opportunity to incorporate your brand design. Take a look at Hanscom Federal Credit Union’s About page. The credit union describes its brand overview with consumer-friendly icons.
  • Tell your story through video. Communicate your history, mission and culture all in one visual message that is highly engaging. Take a look at TAPCO Credit Union’s brand promise video — it focuses on its members and the local flavor of the area. A good About page gives potential members a chance to see what your credit union is all about. Think of it as the face of your brand.


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